Broadcast Beat Magazine 2018 NAB Show Edition - Page 3

FROM THE EDITOR Our Special NAB-issue Broadcast Beat Magazine is HERE! We are beyond proud to not only be one of the industry’s leading presences, but to also be producing the 2018 NAB Show MAIN EVENT: NAB show LIVE for the third consecutive time! “NAB Show LIVE” will broadcast online at and We’re busy ensuring that ALL of the deep-dark crevices are covered – and we’re doing it with the assistance of the whole ball of wax of social media - from Instagram to Twitter and all things in-between, Broadcast Beat remains the “site to see” for anything and everything in the industry. Broadcast Beat is everywhere - at The Show, within the pages of our magazine, and especially on our website, where we will again be featuring our now infamous “Live-Blogging,” with continuous content created LIVE during the Show! We have become a culture of expecting content to be deliv- ered on demand to where and when we want it. Media, Entertainment and Technology is morphing into a delivery system tailored to those who want a particular program at a convenient time on a specific device – the people spoke, and the industry listened! The future of communication is happening NOW – and Broadcast Beat is there, helping to usher it in! Our very popular video interviews which, as you already know, started-out being the most exciting and hottest trend at Broadcast Beat Magazine, have shattered the scene on our YouTube Channel, continuing to feature words of wis- dom from CEO’s, engineers and the people who are actually in the field with their hands-on the actual creative process/ creation! Be sure to click-on the hyperlink to the video page on the website! With any luck, we’ll see you there! If not, be sure to stay blogged-in for all of the latest news and views without the snooze! Editor In Chief Ryan Salazar, Senior Editor Curtis Chan, Production Editor Erica Lowther, Eastern US & International Sales Manager Gary Rhodes, Western US Sales Manager Jeff Victor, Contributing Writers From Peter Cunningham, Keith Editorials and ad contents are the sole respon- sibility of the companies represented. No part Lissak, Anthony Smith-Chalgneau, of this magazine may be reproduced without Adrian Herrera, and more! the express permission of Broadcast Beat Magazine. Copyright ©2017 Broadcast Beat, LLC. All rights reserved. Broadcast Beat Magazine • • 3