Broadcast Beat Magazine 2018 NAB Show Edition - Page 26

Foodies Welcome: Dining in Las Vegas I’ve found a fulfilling experience at each and every restaurant! All I can say is – on the road to NAB, stop and taste the sandwiches! Nowhere in the world can you find as many celebrity chefs in one compact space as in Las Vegas. 26 • Broadcast Beat Magazine • Fuku Burger features Japanized American burgers – a “Tokyo Twist” on all-American cuisine. The res- taurant ha 2&F7F&Vg&B@fBG'V6FBf6G2f&W0WfVG2B6F2&VBfVv2vfR6gW6GvFV'2WgFW"6Ɩr6WRbFV 'W&vW'2&&VBvF'W&vW'3W7BFBFW"7VGW&PFW'2BFN( &R֖fv&FRW"&VF6vFWfW'FVG2f6BFVB3C32W2&fBB@