Broadcast Beat Magazine 2018 NAB Show Edition - Page 117

Each day, great technologi- cal advances are being made throughout the entire indus- try affecting content creation, post production and content delivery. SMPTE leads the way in standards develop- ment and has been critical in bringing the industry togeth- er, as a whole. This book touches on the most influential standards and how they pertain to the general public and industry alike. In fact, SMPTE members exist in over 65 countries worldwide; SMPTE itself is recognized as the global leader in the development of standards and authorita- tive practices for film, televi- sion, video and multimedia. Over 200 sustaining (insti- tutional) Members belong to SMPTE, branching-out so as to reach even the smallest media imaging niche. Now present in every discipline, their thousands of members not only include engineers, but also technical directors, cameramen, editors, techni- cians, manufacturers, design- ers, educators, consultants and field users in network- ing, compression, encryption and any other field employ- ing images. They stay one step ahead of technology via their frequent technical con- ferences and seminars, which encourage useful interaction and information exchange. SMPTE is a society of engineers, and engineers solve problems. Make sure to get your copy of Magic and Miracles: 100 years of Moving Image Science and Technology on the SMPTE website or NAB Store. Broadcast Beat Magazine • • 117