Broadcast Beat Magazine 2018 NAB Show Edition - Page 105

switchers, which are becoming increasingly more affordable, the issue is resolved. SMPTE 2011 gets around the limitation altogether and enables 4K with 10 gigabit switchers. Further, as 4K standards evolve, higher resolutions as well as HDR and extra frame rates will also factor in. So if you have SDI, it’s only a matter of time before you get stuck somewhere. IP is a step- ping-stone to software-based solutions that work in the nec- essary higher resolutions and frame rates. wary and push back against change. With IP, engineers need to embrace fundamentally dif- ferent underlying principals and technology – no longer do we need to rely on multiple pieces of technology to per- form functions. Currently there is a knowledge gap as well as a comfort gap. But we all need to work to close it and embrace the idea that a single hardware platform can look after multiple functions. from embracing IP for live broadcasting and creating workflows that will endure as technology naturally evolves even further. All of the overzeal- ous marketing and skepticism aside, there’s no doubt that IP is ready for live broadcasting primetime. There’s so much to be gained Migration paths While IP’s advantages are unde- niable, choosing the right time to invest may be what matters most. That time will be different for everyone. Business require- ments and budgets must be balanced with the need to move at the speed of the industry and the technology around you. Incompatibility could become an issue and fixes will be costly to install. There are ways to make the move to IP incrementally. There is lots of talk around hybrid solutions, which serve a pur- pose though not very grace- fully. For others, IP ‘islands’ can be deployed as budgets and requirements dictate. You don’t need a forklift for a seamless evolution to IP. But you need a way to educate engineers as well as customers. Changing perspectives SDI and its precursors have dominated the broadcast industry for years. The new and unknown are never comfortable and it’s human nature to be Broadcast Beat Magazine • • 105