Broadcast Beat Magazine 2018 BroadcastAsia Special Edition - Page 46

felt not in words but via pixels on a screen. It is of course also possible to perform these actions via a mouse or trackpad, but Outpost VFX opts for the flexibility proffered by Wacom. What better way for artists to communicate than with a pen, after all. “Wacom and cineSync together offer a far more haptic experience and more flexibility in note- taking. It’s an advanced creative process.” “Using a Wacom in our cineSync sessions rein- forces the bridge we’re building over the physical gap between ourselves and clients,” says Hixton. “We can actually draw ideas, not attempt to give them form in an email. It’s a far more efficient and articulate way of sharing knowledge.” Outpost do not feel like outsiders despite their coastal location. The team remains as fully engaged with their creative collaborators as they would be in London or LA. Where they are doesn’t matter. It just means they get to pop to the beach in-between reviews. Outpost uses Wacom Intuos Pro tablets through- out the studio and across disciplines, while con- cept artists use the 27” Cintiq touchscreen tablet for illustrations. Both make for a flexible, intuitive review session, with the ultra-sensitive Wacom tablets providing a tactile texture to feedback. The hardware allows for much more precision as art- ists quickly point out specific detail in frames or quickly sketch out concepts, giving physicality to what previously existed in imagination only. “cineSync, especially in conjunction with a Wacom tablet, is a vital part of our workflow. I can’t see a world in which we could do what we do without them both,” says Hixson. “I couldn’t imagine a situation where we wouldn’t need Wacom tech in our cineSync calls,” says Hixson. “You’re able to draw your ideas and dem- onstrate where you’re planning to take a shot. It gives real shape to your concepts, and the client can immediately grasp them, or vice versa. That means the next iteration a client sees is much closer to what they envisage, which in turn means we can push the look and feel of a shot so much further in the same space of time. 46 • Broadcast Beat Magazine • Tools and talent “cineSync empowers us to work with people all over the world in real time. Without that ability we’d absolutely be doing our clients a disservice. A big part of what we do at Outpost is to give clients the world over a truly personal level of service. Reviews in a real-time environment are crucial in engendering that approach, and cineSync is part and parcel of the process.” With work now finishing up on the summer’s hotly anticipated Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Outpost has more than proven that there’s no such thing as “far flung VFX”. Studios can operate and deliver triple-A work from wherever they are in the world. It’s the talent and the tools that enable stellar work, not the location.