Broadcast Beat Magazine 2018 BroadcastAsia Special Edition - Page 44

Seaside Synchronicity with cinesync & Wacom S earch for the UK’s leading VFX studios on Google Maps. You’ll likely find your pointer launched into the hustle and bustle of London’s Soho hub. Zoom out, past Old Street’s trendy tech round- about, past Winchester and Southampton. Follow the map to the south-west and you’ll find the coastal town of Bournemouth, cosily snuggled against the English Channel and humbly removed from the clamor of London’s creative core. Here lies the aptly named Outpost VFX – a studio that’s chosen to extricate itself from the tangled web of London life and set up shop less than a kilometre from sweeping sea views. Yet the distance from London (around two hours by train) hasn’t prevented Outpost from contrib- uting to the world’s most prominent Hollywood franchises, stretching from Paul Greengrass’s Jason Bourne to CG dinosaur extravaganza Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. 44 • Broadcast Beat Magazine • “We feel Outpost is a unique shop in today’s day and age,” says Gez Hixson, the studio’s head of pro- duction. “Although location isn’t everything, being on the south coast gives our team a relaxed and inspiring environment in which to live and work. A focus on work/life balance is at the centre of what we do. We’re hugely ambitious, and love to work with the most creative supervisors and production teams worldwide, but that shouldn’t mean people can’t also enjoy beach life.” Setups like Outpost are possible today thanks to technology. We’re now working and creating in an era in which physical distance poses no barrier to producing quality work. Incredibly fast broadband and remote production tools enable teams like Outpost to work side-by-side with LA, all without ever having to share the same physical space. One such tool is Cospective’s cineSync, which Outpost uses in conjunction with Wacom’s pen tablets, to facilitate, augment, and clarify its inter- actions with creative partners around the world.