Broadcast Beat Magazine 2018 BroadcastAsia Special Edition - Page 43

tion are a huge improvement.” For Andy, media management software isn’t just helpful, it’s a necessity. Using a simple five step process, Andy is able to batch export sub clips from his shots, storing the frames into a folder of his choice – and saving an immense amount of time in the process. 5 no-fuss steps to extract still images 1. On set, instead of struggling to take the per- fect photo, camera crews can now direct a model and capture short video clips filled with potential images. 2. From there, we can view the SD card and load up videos with a media management appli- cation. At Pout Studios, we use Kyno, as files can be accessed directly from your hard drive, Jellyfish or SD card. There’s no need to move media or waste time waiting for terabytes of data to download. 3 H^ \\[YY[[H^HYY Y][Y\[HYHX[B[HوYK[[\\YYXKX]\B[\X\\Y[][[[ۂ]Y]HHXYYY\ˈ][ۙH\›XYH^HYH]X[ܙHX\Y\][[[[Y[H[[[و[YK H[Y\H[\H\وX\[\XX\H[\Y[[\ˈٝ[H[X]HHY[[XZ\ۈ[[XY\\[XZ\]]\X\H[HYBY[[YKXKY[YKKH[[KH[] Y^ܝ[XY[[Y\][ۈHXYX\܈]KYYYY H[[] ][H܈]ܘ\H[\[X[HY\[ܛX]\YBY[YYXZ[Z[HX\HوXYX™[H\\˂]\\H\HYH[[\[š[H  L X]X܈Y\YH[^XX[[Y][\X][ۜ8$܈]X\\H[ ݙ\YH\[X[\X[Bܚ][\\[X[ۋH[\›YYH[Y \\\HYYXHX[BY[Y[YZ[YHH\YK\\\’Y[[ۜ]\Y]\[UXH]BX[ܚ[]H[\ۚX Kx&]H[\YHY][YKٙ\[ۘ[Y[[ٝ[YYۜY\[[XY\˜[Y[[][[[\K[[ ]H\]وXXYY][KZH[\BHZ\[[YYY[[Y[œX[[\H]\[H[\][K\]ܛBX\] Y\X]XY^[H8(˘Y\X] H8(