Broadcast Beat Magazine 2018 BroadcastAsia Special Edition - Page 36

THUNDERBLADE Your projects demand quick data processing and require performance and efficiency when working with uncompressed, high bandwidth content streams. With transfer speeds up to 2800MB/s, our fastest external drive ever is up to the task. - Up to 8TB - Up to 2800MB/s - Thunderbolt 3 interface - High Capacity SSD RAID - Mac and Windows PC THUNDERBolt 3 dock OWC’s Thunderbolt 3 Dock delivers unbelievable connectivity including legacy ports for creative professionals. And with bandwidth up to 40Gb/s, Thunderbolt 3 Dock can drive the latest generation 5K displays, two ultra HD 4K displays, or a combination of 4K, HD and other displays. - (2) Thunderbolt 3 - (5) USB 3.1 Gen 1 - FireWire 800 / Mini DisplayPort - SD card reader - Gigabit Ethernet - S/PDIF / Audio in/out - Mac (Windows PC coming soon)