Broadcast Beat Magazine 2018 BroadcastAsia Special Edition - Page 34

workflow. When integrated with a sophisticated file system, a scale-out NAS solution can become a seamless part of a tiered stor- age infrastructure leveraging flash, disk, tape, object storage and public cloud, with automated content movement across all tiers enabling content distribution, collabo- ration, data protection and disaster recov- ery. In fact, the file system can provide a unified storage repository for all content, allowing facilities to take advantage of a single-namespace NAS/SAN with IP and Fibre Channel connectivity optimized for centralized media creation and distribu- tion. Using this approach, a media orga- nization can eliminate the cost of manag- ing and maintaining multiple storage silos, streamline the overall storage environment, and ensure that each client within each workflow stage gets the type and degree of connectivity it requires. In addition to offering greater performance, flexibility and efficiency than ever, NAS solutions are also opening the door to excit- ing new opportunities wit &W7V7BFFFvVVBB&6W76rFRFRУ3B( "'&F67B&VBvR( "wwr'&F67F&VB6Цw&Fb'Ff6FVƖvV6R6Ц&ƗFW2f"WRFVF7F&vPVvW'2W6W'2FV6V&V6VFVFV@fVRg&FV"76WG2W&f&֖rWFЦFVBWFFFWG&7FvW&V@6vFfRVvW26V6ǒV6fW"7RЦ6f2WfVG2&V7G2f6W2v&G2B6VЧFVG2FBR6FVBFVǒ&VWf@BfV&R66W6vW&gVv&fr7F&vRFf&07W'FrV6VB66RWB2&PV&Ɩrf6ƗFW2FfW&6RFR6ЦVvW2bFW&VFv&fw2@F&VƗR&F6v2fW&Vff6VЦ7FW&fFRFRW&f&6RWfV0FVFVB'FRFVvW7Bv&frF62V&R7G&vFf'v&BvVVBpf"VF6ƖVB66W72fVFRBЦf&2f6ƗFFRFF&FV7FBffW 'GVFW2f"v&rvF6VƖpWrVFFV6vW27V62G&fV6vFfRVvW22VFf6ƗFW2fPFFR&VbԕW&F2FW6&VǒFV"WBvVW&F2fW7BЦVBFFVƗfW"fFfW&ƗGBfV&P67B6fw2