Broadcast Beat Magazine 2018 BroadcastAsia Special Edition - Page 32

Keeping Up with High Proformance Demands in a NAS Environment Keith Lissak, Senior Director, Media and Entertainment Solutions Marketing, Quantum T he media and entertainment indus- try continues to evolve as a digital business. Thanks to its transition to file-based operations years ago and its more recent embrace of higher-resolution video formats, the indus- try now faces ever-growing volumes of content, with unprecedented growth of the need to store all of this content. At the same time, the media industry is undergo- ing a momentous transformation affecting 32 • Broadcast Beat Magazine • the foundations of content creation, man- agement, storage and delivery: the shift toward all-IP workflows. All of these factors point to a need for high- capacity, high-performance media storage that can scale up and scale out cost- effectively while taking better advantage of IT-based technology. The solution for many media use cases is a next-generation network attached storage (NAS) solution.