Broadcast Beat Magazine 2018 BroadcastAsia Special Edition - Page 29

of power and space. But now, through advances enabled by Thunderbolt 3 technology and its 2,750 MB/s of throughput, users of lightweight notebooks and all-in-one computers with a Thunderbolt 3 port can con- nect to desktop GPU cards and instantly gain high-performance graphics horsepower. It’s made possible with a new breed of Thunderbolt expansion chassis, designed specifically to house GPU cards and facilitated by specialized driver software that connects the cards via Thunderbolt. Turbo - Charging Graphics Performance In simple terms, this technol- ogy development means that an eGFX-compatible comput- er can be turned into a high- powered graphics workstation — as long as the computer has a Thunderbolt 3 port. This holds tremendous potential for many video production workflows that, until now, have been lim- ited to a desktop computer in an office or editing suite. Some of these expansion chassis are small enough to fit in a back- pack, allowing a user to boost a computer’s graphics perfor- mance anytime and anywhere it’s needed without being tied to a desk. It’s easy to see the expanded potential these chas- sis offer for accelerating on- location production workflows. As a caveat, a notebook or all-in-one connected with a Thunderbolt 3 eGPU chassis is not necessarily a complete sub- stitute, performance-wise, for a desktop computer, which can deliver up to four times the PCIe bandwidth of Thunderbolt 3. Fortunately, many of the func- tions in professional software, whi хѥ䁥ѕ)ͥٔɔЁٕ䁑)᥵մA %ݥѠ)ݕѡɔɽͽȁ)ѡATQɕɔѡ̴)ͥϊdх̸əɵ)Ʌ́䁍)ȁ͕ѥ`)ݽɬȁѡȁɕեɕ̰)ѡЁɽ٥䁅ѕȴ)ATɐѕٕ)QչɉЀ́́ѕѥ)ͼѡ)Ѽ՜ɄɅ́ɼ)ͥݕȁݡӊé)͔́ѽ)ٕɔٕͅѥ)Q͔́ݕɔ)ɅѕIIP5ɝ)ѽȁ ɕ̹)ɕЁѕѥѡЁɕ)ѡəɵ̵)5 AɼݥѠ䁥́є)ɅѕɅ́ѥ̰Ѽ)ѡͅѕȁх)٥QչɉЀ́ѼAT)ͥ́չAT)ɐ%ɕٕͥ䰁ѡѕѥ)͡ݕɭ́ȁɅ)ѥ́Ցɼ)ͥѥȁȴ)ɕѥѽɽѡ)əɵݕ)5AɼեݥѠեд)AT)QQչɉ(́ͥȁѕɹ)ATɑ́́፥д)ѕѥȁ)ɽͥ́)̸)QѡЁͅ5Aɼ)䁹хݽɬ)хѥݔ͕ѡЁѡ)QչɉЀ̴́ͥ)ͥ́ͻeЁЁ͕հݥѠ)ѽ́ɽՍѥ)͕ѥ쁥ӊéͼمՅ)ȁѥѡəɵ)ѕȸ%(Ā$)IIP5ɝq!)5Ս Ё̵́5) AɼЁɽATt ɔ)̹䰀) ɽЁ Ё5饹ܹɽщй