Broadcast Beat Magazine 2018 BroadcastAsia Special Edition - Page 28

The New World of Thunderbolt 3 Powered External GPU for On-Location Video Production Greg LaPorte, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Sonnet Technologies D esktop graphics cards, also known as graphical processing unit (GPU) cards, are essential tools in today’s video pro- duction workflows, especially as the volume of 4K and 8K content continues to grow. GPU cards add extra computational fire- power and graphics acceleration for processes such as color grading, animation, rendering, and applying certain video effects in NLE programs. Video profession- als continue to demand greater flexibility, mobility, and power from their pro-video applications” 28 • Broadcast Beat Magazine • Some of today’s most popular GPU-accelerated software applications direct computation work to GPUs using application programming interface (API) models such as Open CL, Open GL and CUDA. Until recently, the use of desktop GPU cards has been limited to PC workstations and older Mac Pro tower computers, because the cards require installation into a PCIe card slot and need a lot