Broadcast Beat Magazine 2018 BroadcastAsia Special Edition - Page 16

Don’t miss out on these exhibition activities! TV Everywhere is now a reality. The newly revamped ProAudio Tech Date: 26 – 28 June 2018, Tuesday – According to the OTT Video Services Zone of BroadcastAsia2018, locat- Thursday report by Level 3 Communications ed at Level 6 of Suntec Singapore, Venue: Suntec Singapore, Level 6 and Unisphere Reseach & Rethink will bring together high quality and Technology Research, OTT viewer- robust professional audio systems. Drop by the Innovation Hub for an ship is expected to exceed tradi- Join audio professionals from the interactive session with exhibitors tional platforms before 2020 and broadcasting, production / post- who will be presenting on the l ] BY[Xܚ\[ۈ][YHX[ۈ\\X\و܋H\[ݘ]]HXY\]\˜Xܛ\XHXYX[XX L\ ]H][ܙ[\\[\ܝ\[HY\[[[[ۈH K\]ܜ[ۋH[\Z[Y[X[ۈ\\][K[YYXH[\K^H[B[ݚY\\Hۜ[HH\H܈H]\][ۜۈ\[[ۈ^H[Y\X[^[ۙZ\\[ٙ\[]Y[XY\ˈ\^[ܚٛ][ۜZYܘ][ۈY X\Y][ۜݚYH[ܙH\ۘ[\Y[\Z\XH\X\Z\ۋHXH\Y]HR   \YXX[[Y\ˈ]Y[XۙN[[Y[H[]]^H]BX[ۋB]\]\HBY\\XL N ۙHو8(H ]Y[]Y]8(H]Y[\]Z\Y[܈X]\8(H  R[X[]Y\8(HY]\][ۈ[\][ “][ و[X[\ܙK[^[ܚٛ][ۜ™X]\HH]\[و^X]ܜ8(H[TXX[\[[Y[Y][ۜ8(HP8(H][ۜ܈[ݚ[[Y܈ۋ[[X\Y\[ˈX8(HY][]Y[ܚ][ۈ8(HY[Y\[›]HYH[Hو][ۜ8(HY][Y[8(H۝[[]\H]ܚ˜Z[\[Y 8(H[[Y\]H]Y[XH8(H]H[\[\8(H]][X][ۈ8(H]\X[[X\Y\¸(H\]HX[Y[Y[8(HY[]]X][ۈ\[\¸(HۛXY [ؚ[HBH8(HY[X\\۝\8(H]Y[Y][¸(HۛXY XY8(H]Y[YX¸(H۝[[]\H]ܚ8(H]Y[Z^\(H]X\\X][ۜ8(H]Y[ X\\[¸(H[]\H8(H]Y[X[ۂ(H[\8(H[Yܘ][ۈ8(H [\X]H\8(H[ۙ]\][ۂ[]X ]X[ܙHBM8(Y\X]XY^[H8(˘Y\X] B[]X ]X[ܙH