Broadcast Beat Magazine 2017 NAB Show NY/SMPTE Special Edition - Page 69

ATSC 3.0 is based — on terres- trial UHD TV. The BBC’s Simon Thompson will present “Access Services for UHDTV: An Initial Investigation of W3C TTML2 Subtitles (Closed Captions).” Also in the UHD session, Pierre Hugues Routhier of Canada’s Creat3 inc. will present “Beyond 4K: Can We Actually Tell Stories in Motion Pictures and TV in 8K? A Cinematography Perspective.” The Cinema Processing and Projection Technology session will include a presentation by Tim Ryan of Texas Instruments, who will explore techniques for using and optimizing variable- frame-rate display for cinematic presentations. A presentation by Kyunghan Lee of KAI Inc. will describe a new VR-based multiscreen movie theater sim- ulator that enables research- ers and multiscreen producers to provide a testing platform for multiscreen content and the viewing environment. The Emerging Research in Visual Perception session will fea- ture Elizabeth Pieri and Jaclyn Pytlarz of Dolby Laboratories, presenting “Hitting the Mark — A New Color Difference Metric for HDR and WCG Imagery,” and Elizabeth DoVale also of Dolby Laboratories and a recipient of the 2016 SMPTE Louis F. Wolf Jr. Memorial Scholarship, present- ing “Assessing Psychophysics Functions for Framerate Perception.” Martyn ѕ)Iٕ͉ɹAɔ)%Iѥ)1ѕݥɕ͕Ѓq%́M)Mѥ ٥ ɥѥI٥)ѡѽ́QЁ)!յ́5́Ѽ)͍ɥє ݕI)Ʌѕ%̳t)ɥѡѥ́) $Ѽɕѥ٥)̤ɕͥ䁉)ѥե͡ɽՅ)ɕ̸)ɥ)ѡ) ѕ)5аYՔAɽͥѥ)ɍ٥͕ͥ=Ʌ)х5Mѥϊd ɥ) Ѥ)ݥ)ɕ͕+qM5AQ%M