Broadcast Beat Magazine 2017 NAB Show NY/SMPTE Special Edition - Page 52

video monitoring tools are brought together, monitoring can occur at multiple points within a given workflow. In this model, monitoring starts with the raw content as it flows into the cloud and then continues through encoding and pack- aging, and finally as it goes to the CDN and out to consumers. Looking to the future One of the questions that often comes up around OTT and high-quality streaming for live events is whether OTT is broadcast grade. As broad- band and wireless networks speeds improve, in some cases we’re reaching a tipping point where OTT quality has the potential to become better than “broadcast quality.” Looking to the future, it’s possible that OTT services could be the first to deliver full range of 4k content. In this rap- idly advancing world, a robust quality assurance monitoring solution is critical to ensuring a high- quality user experience, capturing market share and minimizing churn. Dan Murray is a product manager in the Video Product Line at Tektronix and has more than 20 years of experience bringing networking, perfor- mance, and security products to market. Prior to Tektronix, he was responsible for security visibility solutions at APCON and held senior positions with Kentrox and abc Telecommunications. He holds an electrical engineering degree from Portland State University. 52 • Broadcast Beat Magazine •