Broadcast Beat Magazine 2017 NAB Show NY/SMPTE Special Edition - Page 50

STAYING ON TOP OF QUALITY CONTROL IN AN OTT VIDEO STREAMING WORLD By DAN MURRAY, VIDEO PRODUCT LINE MANAGER, TEKTRONIX The need to deliver content from multiple sources to any screen as anytime has made life increas- ingly complex for broadcasters. Dealing with complexity of OTT/multiscreen workflows while still meeting customers expectations for an excel- lent, highly personalized experience is a major challenge. For many broadcasters, the move to OTT services also means making the move into cloud-based video streaming. For broadcasters who have done testing on the cloud to confirm it works well enough to migrate workflows and bring up new services, one critical question often remains: “How do I make sure everything’s working fine? And if there is an issue along the workflow, do I have instruments in place to diagnose and isolate problems and proactively resolve issues before customers see them?” With the addition of streaming in the cloud, there’s no question that staying on top of QC challenges is becoming exponentially more diffi- cult, as shown in Figure 1. If you look at the video workflow from a few years back, it was com- paratively easy. For the end-user, they got a set top box from the cable operator, and they could just plug the set top box to the TV and that was it. It was single experience, all controlled by the cable operator who could push out new features whenever they wanted. Today’s world, of course, is much more complex with consumers expecting Figure 1. The move to multiscreen distribution makes content monitoring much more complex. 50 • Broadcast Beat Magazine •