Broadcast Beat Magazine 2017 NAB Show NY/SMPTE Special Edition - Page 40

your assets in a cloud-based storage platform, where they are more easily searchable and distributable according to strict security policies. It might seem counterintui- tive to store content in the cloud, but in fact, it’s the key to successful reuse and monetization. And when you choose a platform backed by secure cloud technology such as Amazon Web Services, it’s also more secure than inviting peo- ple in to your private cloud. Sharing content outside the firewall in a less risky and security-focused environ- ment means the right peo- ple will be able to discover it and the wrong people won’t attack it. Even better, if you choose a cloud-based MAM application that is also tied to licensing, you can turn what was once just a stor- age expense into revenue. and time-based metadata detail from the content itself during ingest. Once in the cloud, that enriched meta- data makes otherwise stag- nant or lost assets search- able, discoverable, and shareable. By creating and managing both asset-level and time-based metadata at the production stage, con- tent owners can add greater value and longevity to the life of their video content. 3. Choose built-in smarts — Some asset-management platforms are more intelli- gent and capable than oth- ers. Truly smart cloud-based platforms are backed by the software and power to handle highly sophisticated cloud computing and smart workflows that go way beyond asset management. Putting the right software in place makes it easy to build a specific workflow for any given request — one that includes finding and