Broadcast Beat Magazine 2017 NAB Show NY/SMPTE Special Edition - Page 39

MAKE ONCE/USE ANY APPROACH MEANS PERPETUAL REVENUE POTENTIAL By ANDY HURT, SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT, MARKETING AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT FOR WAZEE DIGITAL With the amount of high-value video content being generated these days, content owners and rights holders — especially in the world of sports and live events — are sitting on a gold mine of continuous revenue. After that often irreplaceable footage gets broadcast or oth- erwise distributed for the first time, there are plenty of people who are willing to pay to reuse it (broadcasters, filmmakers, advertisers, etc.). But if rights holders expect to be able to cash in on that gold mine, then they have to make the content easy to find, sell, and distribute. And that starts with how it is managed. The “Make Once/Use Any” Approach That’s where a “make once/ use any” media management approach comes in. The idea is to create and capture high- quality content once and make it available as many times in as many ways for as many applica- tions as you want … forever. To turn this strategy into reality, you need a content-manage- ment system built with make once/use any in mind — one that not only makes content eas- ily discoverable, accessible, and licensable, but minimizes the expense and effort of storing it, transcoding it, and delivering it. Such a content-management system has the intelligence to generate granular metadata, store and restore content with security and ease, transform the data into the appropriate format for any deliverable, and even manage the rights and clearances for the content. The Breakdown If make once/use any sounds easier said than done, then consider these three key com- ponents, keeping in mind that make once/use any depends on cloud-based storage and com- puting. 1. Start in the cloud — Put Broadcast Beat Magazine • • 39