Broadcast Beat Magazine 2017 NAB Show NY/SMPTE Special Edition - Page 32

Was there a specific feature of Frankie that you immediately responded to? I love the collaboration tools! It is so helpful to have our clients use the laser and pen tools, making notes directly on stills and frames so it’s clear what their vision is. Our clients always seem to be a fan of them! Frankie then saves out all the notes and markups to PDFs, which is com- pletely automatic after we close out the session. I then take the PDF and send copies out to our team – which has been a lifesaver. Overall, I love how user-friendly Frankie is. Even the most technologi- cally challenged user can log in, navigate through the uploaded work, and make notes using the tools. It’s like a visual ‘VFX for Dummies’ book! I have used many different remote collaboration and video review tools throughout my career, but Frankie has been the easiest tool thus far. What type of project is the most challenging to tailor to a client’s needs (invisible VFX, explosions, sci-fi, commercials, etc)? I think our most challenging work would be particle-based VFX work. Dust, explosions, cloud formations can be very hard to hit with clients, plus the creative processes can get very technical. When particle VFX doesn’t look right it can be quite jarring to the client. Render times can be rough as well. Simply put, it’s helpful to have a tool like Frankie so both the Hinge team and clients can be looking at footage in-sync, immediately answering concerns as they arise. 32 • Broadcast Beat Magazine •