Broadcast Beat Magazine 2017 NAB Show NY/SMPTE Special Edition - Page 31

What would you say your specialty is as a digital artist? My specialty would be a dual role as storyboard artist and production manager here at Hinge. I’ve been very lucky to have such a hybrid role, where I can start a project as an artist and develop a vision for our clients, all the while managing our team and pipeline. I get to be involved in absolutely everything. How important is remote collaboration to your pipeline? Remote collaboration is extremely important to our studio’s pipeline. Hinge works with so many clients and fellow artists spread out all over the US. Our studio has to be accessible in order to be successful here in Portland, Oregon. Hinge also thrives through our ability to present our work in a collaborative setting regardless of location. Clients and artists need to be able to voice their feedback and thoughts with user friendly collaboration tools – like Frankie. On what project did you start using video review tools? This one is tough. We have used Frankie for so long and on so many projects. We started with cineSync, but moved to Frankie in 2013. We moved over to Frankie because it offered the power of cineSync with the ease of use of a web based interface. Frankie’s user friendliness is particularly important for our collaboration with a wide range of clients. They love Frankie! I believe our earliest projects with Frankie were with Adidas and Microsoft. Broadcast Beat Magazine • • 31