Broadcast Beat Magazine 2017 NAB Show NY/SMPTE Special Edition - Page 23

What’s really impressive are the characters them- selves: they’re fluid and lifelike, animated with a raw yet graceful physicality. RealtimeUK used motion capture for timing and basic movement, then augmented the animation with keyframing to imbue each hero with their own distinctive style. Meanwhile, video reference was used to bring a sense of emotion to their expressions. Using technology that works ‘To Hell & Back’ spotlights six characters, each immaculately constructed and featured heavily with- in the large, sprawling environment – and accompa- nied with a cascade of simulations for water, lava, and more. The trailer is suitably epic, but with that scale came challenges. “We wanted everything to feel as close to real- ity as possible, so we had to develop techniques that would enable everything to fit through the renderer,” explains James Kirkham, lead 'F7B@&VFUT( vRBF7ƗBWfW'FrWBB0vRW7B6VF( BfBBFV'&6FVBv06VvR'WBgVR( Фw6FRf&W2F֗FFV6VW27V606rW6G2FW6FVF&VvFR&VFW"ЦW"FVFƖRWBFR&VFUTFV( 2&6W76W06V6'vfrVGb7FF7F6fVVF&6&VFUTvW&R&RFF"FR&VFW"FW0B&W6vRW""V6ǒ7GFr&&VfW0B&rFV2&BVvRFW"&VFW '266FVRFR&6w&VB6FR0v7FVBvFRW"'F7G2F֗6R&&V66VW2f"&FVFƖ^( 26WF2&R7&F6f vr2FVFf7W27&VFfGBFVƗfW FFRvW7BWfVvFWBfrFv''&W@FRVFVG2B&GFVV62FB&R&W6VBЦVB'FV6w6R&VFW"6WF2&WV&R6W'fW"Fv2&R'Vrv62ƖVǒF7&62&V7G2&WFVFƖRV&W2V'G'W6fP&VƖ&ƗG&WfW6ǒ&VFUTvW&R&VƖBƖvGvVv@6WFFvR&VFW&rG2WЦrFRFV&W'7VFVB2Wr7GVFFRFR7vF6( 26WFrFB6vVBFPvRf"&VFUT( FR&R'2vRWBF&6'W&W"FR&PV7F&RBvVB&V6R&W7VFr&VFW'0fƖr( &V62GFWw2( F2FVFVBFVBFR&R7'V6VBb&V7B&6'W&W B77FVF&W7F'BG6VbVFW"v6V@6VRv2&WV&VBFF"'2&VBFP66FW'v6RvR6VB6RBb&VFW"FR( Х&VFUTBF67FFǒ&W7F'BFR6W'fW BVǒ6WFRF62vFFW2r