Broadcast Beat Magazine 2017 NAB Show NY/SMPTE Special Edition - Page 17

• • • • • • 70% of respondents said that their com- pany’s working practices could be improved for women – main issues include career path progression, childcare provisions and flexible working Have you been subjected to comments or actions in your workplace that you would see as non-supportive of you being female? Over half of the respondents said yes to this question, with some tales of not being taken seriously in meetings, to one male respon- dent saying he witnesses them being ‘silently elbowed-out’ Number of females in the business. 69% of respondents said that there were 25% or less females in their business Females in senior management team. 15% of respondents had half or more females in their senior management team. 25% of respon- dents have between 25-50% of females in their management team. 60% of respondents had a minority and in most cases no women on their senior management team From 1700 industry manufacturers and ser- vice companies exhibiting at NAB less than 2% have a female CEO! All respondents (apart from one) wanted to have a pro-active group that supports women in broadcast and provides networking, talks and mentoring So, have things changed – yes, a bit but not enough. I ask myself repeatedly, especially look- ing around the halls of IBC, how do we attract more women into the industry and get the ones in it to get into more senior positions? It is abso- lutely correct to say that we need to start it at a school and university level but we need to make it attractive for women to join. As part of our survey we looked at 250 industry manufacturers websites and only 25% of them had women using equipment on them and the majority used termi- nology such as cameraman. The statistic on the number of women as CEO is just shocking and will not encourage women in any way. In my mind to accelerate this change we need to work with the industry associations, exhibitions and manufacturers to raise the issue and get talk- ing about it. Following on from the survey results we have formed a new group called Rise which is currently being put together and will host its first event in London before the end of the year vFv&WfVG2FfrvBWCFR&6Rw&W2rf"vVBVFB&R'BbFR6vRv&RB"Wr&6bRvVBƖRFvWBffVB"VWBWV6RWBRr6Ft'V&&VvV76BvR67F'BЦrFffW&V6R'&F67B&VBvR( "wwr'&F67F&VB6( "p