Broadcast Beat Magazine 2017 IBC Show - Page 91

never a dull moment. Technology is ever changing and we are well on the way to developing a remote work- ing platform, but right now we prefer our artists to work in- house. It’s not just a produc- tivity thing, it also goes a long way towards creating our buzz- ing atmosphere, and makes col- laboration between and within teams seamless. We love it in the studio. WHERE WILL I FIT IN THE STUDIO HIERARCHY? An open door management structure is important in any creative business. At our stu- dio, everyone is encouraged to have a view and take on responsibility for their own projects. It’s important that team members from all levels of the business can get their heads together to successfully solve challeng- es. There’s no time to stand on ceremony – everyone has a voice and is encouraged to use it to get results. Sometimes this means the best ideas come from the bottom up, which is as it should be. IS IT FUN? We don’t ask anyone to leave their personalities at the door. Our people say it’s like joining a family…but with free croissants, fruit and beer every week. Plus, you get to play with Fidget, our handsome office dog, and enjoy our two annual staff jol- lies thrown in on top of our other benefits– including dis- counts at high street brands & restaurants. Neat. Be courageous. Take pride. Collaborate. This is the man- tra that sits behind everything we do. It represents us at our best – we strive to deliver to an incredibly high standard every day and to challenge traditional means of image creation, so we can bring visual stories to life. Of course, we all work hard. You don’t create great art unless you’re prepared to sweat the small stuff and take pride in what you do. So – we work hard – but we make sure everyone’s rewarded for their efforts, and we play hard too. Broadcast Beat Magazine • • 91