Broadcast Beat Magazine 2017 IBC Show - Page 90

this stuff – it’s part of our cul- ture and when we’re recruiting we consider how we feel candi- dates will fit with our culture as well as our values. • • audience Solve problems & come up with new ideas Think outside the box DON’T HOW DO I BUILD THE PERFECT PORTFOLIO? • • We like to see good ideas exe- cuted well. Everything should come together as an aestheti- cally appealing whole, but it’s the subtle details, the deliberate imperfections and the nuanc- es that create authenticity and engage your audience emotion- ally. A good artist follows the brief. A great artist brews up a perfect storm with their intent, concept, design and creative flair linking together perfectly. You know it when you see it. • DO • • • • Strive for realism when needed Keep an eye on those details! Show your imagination/flare Tailor your examples to your • Use effects for the sake of it Ignore the physics of light or perspective Give no context to your work Show only technical ability without imagination DO I NEED TO KNOW MY WAY AROUND ANY PARTICULAR SOFTWARE? We use a wide (and growing) range of software in the studio and as part of our pipeline, but specific box tickers are experi- ence in Maya, Houdini, Nuke and the Adobe suite. Newcomers tend to arrive with experience of some, if not all, of these soft- ware packages. But there’s ALWAYS scope to improve and develop new technical skills! None of our 90 • Broadcast Beat Magazine • creatives ever stop learning. Newcomers tend to arrive with experience of some or all of the softwares described above, but there’s scope over and above that to develop further skills. Our artists never stop learn- ing, both on the job on live as well as in R&D projects and via the various online tutorials and training courses available. Self initiated learning is encouraged and expected here; our artists are very much in control of how fast and how far they grow and develop. HOW MUCH TIME WILL I NEED TO COMMIT TO THE JOB? We start a little later to accom- modate for London’s heav- ing transport systems – our standard hours are 9:30am to 6:00pm, Monday to Friday. But you never know what’s around the corner. We get a wide vari- ety of work, thanks in part to the diversity of our clients, which keeps us on our toes. There’s