Broadcast Beat Magazine 2017 IBC Show - Page 87

OSI EXAMPLE FOR ETHERNET MEDIA DATA APPLICATION DATA PRESENTATION DATA SESSION SEGMENTS TRANSPORT End-to-End Connec=ons and Reliability UDP PACKETS NETWORK Path Determina=on and IP (Logic Addressing) IP FRAMES DATA LINK MAC and LLC (Physical Addressing) BITS PHYSICAL Media, Signal and Binary Transmission to the Internet Protocol. The top layers make up the packeting structure, comprised of UDP and RTP packets used to both sequence and time- stamp the audio, video, or data streams. This the last proto- col that should receive spe- cial attention, since it’s how we insure that the packets that comprise a given audio, video, RTP or data stream are held in the correct order and have some time context with regard to each of the sequential packets. THE BIGGER PICTURE In this article, we’ve attempt- ed to lay out some building blocks that can help broadcast engineers enhance their under- standing of Ethernet for uncom- ETHERNET pressed video over IP. With this basic knowledge, engineers can start to build a larger and more complex picture of an overall network architecture that must consider aggregated payloads, SDN, signal manage- ment, VLANs, and host of best practices currently being used in the Ethernet environment. Scott Barella is chief technology officer for Utah Scientific and a member of the board of directors for the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS), where he also serves as deputy chairman of the Technical Working Group. Broadcast Beat Magazine • • 87