Broadcast Beat Magazine 2017 IBC Show - Page 77

WITH IP INTEROP BEHIND US, VIRTUALIZATION IS THE NEXT STEP TO ELASTIC PRODUCTION By JAMES STELLPFLUG, VP PRODUCT MARKETING, EVS A historic shift for the broad- cast industry is happening. IP is the beginning of a transition that includes, but doesn’t end with virtualization. This is the next step in the evolution of IP and only when core aspects of live production like video pro- duction servers, switchers and camera processing are success- fully virtualized will we start to reap the true benefits of the technology. To this point, one of the biggest barriers has been the inability to virtualize input and output for point-to-point signals like SDI. Systems are bound to the physical interface, which has prevented advances in the live domain. But with IP standards and interoperability developed between multiple across the industry, we’ve been able to eliminate those physical con- nections. The age of virtualiza- tion is now possible. We’re fully aware that virtual- ized processes are already in use today – especially across business systems, control layer tools, and file-based processing. And IP has been the enabler of this, supporting functionalities built on standard data center appliances with standard com- puting equipment at the core. Through functional separation – decoupling network control and forwarding functions – net- work virtualization and automa- tion, users can control traffic from a centralized console with entirely. This is where the virtualized pro- duction model comes into play. IP-enabled, software-defined, COTS hardware-driven. This is all increasingly paving the way for migration away from dedi- cated hardware, onto software and into the cloud. WHAT’S DRIVING THE MARKET? We’ve all heard about the immediate benefits of IP and virtualization – more flexibili- ty, streamlined production and better economies of scale. But there are larger market forc- Broadcast Beat Magazine • • 77