Broadcast Beat Magazine 2017 IBC Show - Page 75

a result, all our support systems and tools now come with instruction manuals and part of our job is to educate some users on the benefits and proper application of our products. New digital cameras are appearing every six months and a lot of these new cameras are com- plex pieces of different technology. Operators often devote a lot of time and effort into mas- tering the intricacies of these new devices, so it always surprises me when they don’t spend as much time learning about what goes beneath their cameras. A quality support system is essential for captur- ing clean, sharp, smooth shots. It needs sturdy legs with ample torsion rigidity to eliminate unwanted motion. It also must provide perfect counterbalance and just the right amount of drag to ensure smooth, unfettered and precisely con- trollable movement. In an ideal support system, there is perfect synergy between pan and tilt. One of the tests we perform on new fluid heads is the diagonal shot. If the fluid head can move a camera along a diagonal line without jerking, it means the two fluid units are working in sync. The challenge for top-end manufacturers is to design support systems that deliver professional caliber stability, coun- terbalance and drag at an affordable price. It isn’t easy. If you are producing smart- phones, you can pro- vide your customers with complex tech- nology at a low price because it can be mass produced. But professional camera support systems are highly engineered devices and they do not lend themselves to mass production. A modern fluid head is a precision instrument that requires a high degree of quality control, testing and finishing. Mass production would undermine its craftsmanship and durability. Camera opera- tors all strive to capture the “perfect shot.” Their ability to do so depends, firstly, on talent. But gear also matters. If you want to get the best possible shot, you need a good camera and a great lens. They will help you capture a pristine image. But then there is movement and that comes from the support system. Yo H[\YۈHX]]Y[[]HH\\Y][[Y\K]Y[\\ Bܝ\[HZ[[H۸&]]H\[[x&\BY\Y[HX[H[]\X [BYYH[\%[[\%\[K[\X]H\ۚH\\Y[[SقTӒH ˜ KKHYKX\YXY\[B\[ۘ[[Y\H\ܝ\[\ˈHKB[H\[Y[ NLH[[H NNL [\[\X]x&\ZY[KH\[H۝[Y\™ܛYHY][ۈو[ݘ]]H\Yۋ]\[H[ܙH[ H][܈[Y\B\ܝXH[[\[[\][ۘ[\]][ۈ܈[XX[]K\ܛX[H[[KBY\[^[[KY\X]XY^[H8(˘Y\X] H8(