Broadcast Beat Magazine 2017 IBC Show - Page 71

TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR STORAGE By JAMES MCKENNA, VP MARKETING & PRE-SALES ENGINEERING, FACILIS Occasionally we get a prospective customer who has their mind set on a certain method of work- ing. This may be based on prior experience with other facilities, an old-school mentor who was set in his ways, or simply the most easily visualized process. It’s tough to change someone’s mind on what they think will work, and much easier to deploy a technology that fits in with their plans. I don’t believe that anyone can be fully knowledge- able about a workflow or project methodology that they haven’t seen firsthand. However, having consulted on hundreds of facility networks and having experience on an intimate level with post- production workflows, I feel that we as vendors do our customers a disservice by allowing them to go blindly down the path of least resistance. A storage network has to be designed with usabil- ity and workflow in mind. Unlike enterprise IT storage, which caters to the needs of the adminis- trator and views end-users as a herd of sheep that should do as they’re told, creative driven facilities require a solution that can be as easily manipu- lated by an artist as an engineer. There are several Broadcast Beat Magazine • • 71