Broadcast Beat Magazine 2017 IBC Show - Page 66

Turning Storage Into a Competitive Advantage By Adrian Herrera, Vice President of Marketing, Caringo The proliferation of broadband, cloud and mobile devices has permanently changed the access pat- terns of everybody in the new digital economy. Now, storage and the assets stored are expected to be available anywhere and from any device. Oh…and no one wants to pay for it. This is becoming a particularly challenging issue in the Media and Entertainment (M&E) space because of exponentially increasing file sizes, rap- idly changing consumer viewing patterns (long- tail, VOD, cord cutting, binge watching, etc.) and the resulting expectation of content producers for assets to remain online and instantly available in perpetuity. M&E organizations that can satisfy these requests get to keep their customers and viewers. Those who can’t will ultimately lose their customers and viewers. So how do you turn the expectation of “free” storage and “instant” access from a significant risk to your business into a competitive advantage? The answer—as in many problems driven by paradigm shifts—is in the underlying infrastructure. The non-sexy storage layer. 66 • Broadcas Ё Ё5饹ܹɽщй)QєɅiͅq ́)䁹ͅ䰁ӊé٥хt́Ս)ѥٔѕ́ЁѽɅݥ)ѡ4䁥ѡɔ) ɕѱ䰁ѡ́ЁѽɅɔ)Ёѥ镐͔ݽɭ̰ɽ͕)ѥ́ݕɔͥȁյ)ѕ́9LхQ̰ݕٕȰ))Qչхݡ䁥ӊéݔѼ)չхݡ9Lхɔȁ٥)́ѡѽɅѕ́ѡ4)фѕȸ9Ĺɕѽͥٔѽ)ձЁѼхٕݡЁٕ́݅)ȁɕ̰ѕ)̰фѕȁɥЁ͍́ݥ)ձѥѕ䁥ЁȁѼɽ٥ѕɴ)ѽɅȁɝх͕ЁɅɥ̸Q́ɕ)ɹ䁥ѡ4Ѽхɥȴ)䁅́ɕ䁱ܵЁɴɍمѽȴ) Ё́ͥЁѼѕɥ锰)͕ɍхѱ䁑ٕȁѕЁ܁)ѡ͔ͥхЁѥѥٔͅمх