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A better approach, and one that’s implemented into Edgeware’s TV CDN technol- ogy, is to embed a code into the video itself by modifying some of the frames’ pixels in a way that’s unnoticeable to audi- ences. A stream-based water- marking system identifies a specific number of pixels inside the frame, and changes them slightly – for example from black to very dark grey. This code is added and includ- ed as special metadata and sent in-band with the content. The second part of the process manipulates the blocks within the actual bit stream to create a unique code for each streamed version of the video – allowing content owners to track down exactly who and where the con- tent was leaked. This process works for both IPTV and OTT services, even in 4K resolution or new formats like VR. A PERSONALIZED TALE The transformation of the US into Gilead shouldn’t mean a cold and impersonalised view- ing experience for audiences. On top of allowing viewers better delivery and the abil- ity to forensically track pirates, private TV CDNs help content owners to control and create personalised advertisements. With a TV CDN, content pro- viders can personalize view- ing experiences with digital ad insertion as well as monitor and analyze all aspects of their TV services. Detailed analytics pro- vide valuable viewer informa- tion including behaviour details, real-time data sources – like which client was used – net- work application and integrated third-party CDN data. Viewing analytics can be corre- lated with network performance for valuable insight, enabling content providers to understand who’s watching, what they’re watching, how their watching it, and the quality that it is being delivered. It allows media own- ers to take back the power and control their audience’s content experiences. CHOOSING PATH THE RIGHT To help content owners and broadcasters decide if they need to make the transition to a private TV CDN, and deliv- er the best quality to viewers, Edgware commissioned analyst firm Frost & Sullivan to research the specifics behind when, building a private CDN is the right option for them. The study found that as soon as content distributors began to deliver an average of an hour of service a day to 100,000 people, they need to consider a private TV CDN. And when it comes to programs like Game of Thrones, that 100,000 is but a drop in the ocean each year. You can read the full Frost & Sullivan whitepaper here. Broadcast Beat Magazine • • 63