Broadcast Beat Magazine 2017 IBC Show - Page 60

to /i lenses directly via four contacts in the lens mount as well as an external communication connector. The /i Technology provides the frame- work; the extent of camera data made available is the choice of each camera manufacturer via its software and hardware. By feeding this lens data to post-production teams, they can not only save time and cost but also ensure a better quality product because the digital data provided takes the guess work out of many processes – the VFX artists can therefore create effects and 3D models that are more accu- rate, with much greater speed. Importantly, capturing lens metadata does not affect normal operations on set at all. Metadata &V6&FrFW26RvFWBfrFЧF""VFRFrFF&V6&G2FFPFvF"f&V6&FrVFV"F4B6&CFW&R&R7V6Ɨ7G2&WV&VB6WBBFPEVVF( Bv''&WBgW76rvF6Ɩ6FV@66W76&W266RFRV6VVBB"F&VR&R'FW'2fR6vVBFV"7W'BF7FF&BЦRFR&F6V722&VGFVƗfW&rG0fW'6bv2BG2Wr52V6W2B&VBBf'BfR&V6VFǒ6vV@W&fFrWrfVVW2FfRFFg&FP6WBF7B&GV7F6^( 2v2v2&VVFvfRFFPvFW"GW7G'&FW"F&fFRfW'0B7B&GV7FFV2&VBFRv&@FR7'V6V2FFFWVVBf&@FB2VfW'6ǒ&V6v旦VBFR6&&FV6VBB"#rFW2W2&r7FW66W F6WfrFBv2vR6FVRF6WVGVf"6wVvRB6Ц&Gv&Rf"WFFF6V6F26WBB7Bc( "'&F67B&VBvR( "wwr'&F67F&VB6ФW2Vw&GVFVBg&6&VvRVVfW'6GvF7FW.( 2FVw&VRFV66FVG&RRFW6vVBFVG&67FvRƖvFr72ЧFV2&Vf&R&V6֖r6W2F&V7F"f"dU$4fWVVB&VF6Wr&6GआRf&VBVVFW'&6W2sF&FPB6VfWVVBखVW&66VBFR6RV2FfЧ6g&F"Ԇ'6VFW"2vW'66RF722vv&G26VFrFP6FVגv&L*bW&B4T2v&G2B&WFRVג