Broadcast Beat Magazine 2017 IBC Show - Page 56

doing this in parallel to the live program airing, it is possible to create optimized versions of the original airing and then orchestrate replacement of the replay assets, substituting the newly minted optimized pack- ages for the recording cache renditions. Optimizations include multi-pass encoding to improve video quality at lower bitrates than can be achieved in a live window. This can dramati- cally save on streaming costs while providing a superior qual- ity experience. Optimizations can also include re-assembly of the content, for example removing advertising segments and baking in promos. A tightly orchestrated workflow ensures that the audience has continu- ous access to the program as it transitions from a live to on- demand viewing window, while optimizing the streaming pack- ages for each viewing experi- ence. ally ends at the 72-hour mark. By rapidly turning around the live recording into a compliant Nielsen C3 asset and deliver- ing it to the IPTV/cable part- ners, programmers increase the time for accreditation, resulting in higher ratings and increased advertising dollars. Some IPTV VOD services support dynamic ad insertion (DAI), so produc- ing a DAI optimized version is also critically important. Being able to begin this production process for live programming in parallel to the live program air- ing maximizes the ad opportu- nities while providing a superior audience experience. Lastly, it is not uncommon to also produce a VOD version that has ads and promos “baked in” to the VOD title. Once again, tight orches- tration of the live and VOD pro- duction systems ensures that all these scenarios are program- matically executed and deliv- ered on-time and in the right context – every time. Conclusion OTT live video experiences promise new ways to engage and excite audiences, but can also introduce significant tech- nical and business challenges. As business models evolve, a holistic view is required which looks at live events and lin- ear programs as living prod- ucts. These products must exist across live and time-shifted viewing windows on varied platforms. At Telestream, we design solutions that seamlessly manage the transition and con- textualization of live programs into time-shifted viewing envi- ronments for our customers. Our products maximize revenue opportunities and video work- flow efficiency, while ensuring a superior audience experience that keeps viewers engaged. IPTV VOD Window In addition to the OTT deliv- erables, programmers look to capture audience ratings across other digital platforms, including IPTV/cable VOD sys- tems. It is not uncommon to need to produce two or three versions of the as-aired pro- gramming for delivery within the IPTV VOD window. This might include a version that contains certain ads that were included in the original airing, and marking those assets with watermarks that identify them within an accreditation period that impacts audience mea- surement. The most common of these measurements is the Nielsen C3 Window. The Nielsen Window starts as soon as the show finishes airi ng, and gener- Syndication Content syndication is increas- ingly important and the expect- ed deliverables have become increasingly varied. Some syn- dication partners may require branded ABR packages with ads removed. Others might seek a high-resolution archival format such as ProRes or IMX with ads and branding removed. Once again, having a solution that can produce a real-time acces- sible professional production format and being able to exe- cute an open or “growing file” video workflow ensures that the number of unique requirements for an ever-increasing number of endpoints is not a hindrance to content marketing efforts. 56 • Broadcast Beat Magazine • Ken Haren has been working on video encoding and distribu- tion systems since 2000. He has been involved in designing and implementing new media services including sophisticated live video experiences. Ken has worked on many aspects in the delivery chain, including video encoding, workflow orchestration, digital rights man- agement, video authorization and entitlement services, subscriber management and payment gate- way integrations, and player and application development. Before coming to Telestream, Ken spent the last 8 years at thePlatform and the Comcast Technology Services team.