Broadcast Beat Magazine 2017 IBC Show - Page 5

TABLE OF CONTENTS 9 IBC Program Guide & More 11 Keynote Speakers 12 Plan Your Trip: Sights, Sounds, and More 16 Navigating the Location-Based Content Delivery and Streaming Landscape Unified Storage 20 Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Why Broadcasters Should Care about Interference 24 Emergence of Disruptive VR Content Creation Tools 26 Alive with Technology: Reviewing Photorealistic Robotics 30 Bypassing Magnetic Interference: The World’s First ‘Mocap Anywhere’ Solution 34 Filmmaking meets photography: How and why to extract stills from 4K+ footage 36 Cloud vs. Traditional Playout Designing Properly for Redundancy 40 Is IMF important for the Modern Broadcaster? 44 Planning Your Journey to the Cloud 49 The New Order Changes and Challenges in the New Content Production Process 54 Having Your Live Stream and Time-Shifting It Too 58 A Step Closer: Metadata Standardization 61 Don’t Get Left Out During Winter — The Importance of Quality of Experience 66 Turning Storage Into a Competitive Advantage 71 Take Control of Your Storage 74 Looking for the Perfect Shot? 77 With IP interop Behind Us, Virtualization is the Next Step to Elastic Production 81 Overcoming Network Monitoring Challenges on the Way to IP Workflows 85 As IP-Based Operations Spread, Ethernet is Here to Stay: Building Blocks for Studio Video Over IP 88 How to Get Your First Job in CG Broadcast Beat Magazine • • 5