Broadcast Beat Magazine 2017 IBC Show - Page 49

THE NEW ORDER CHANGES AND CHALLENGES IN THE NEW CONTENT PRODUCTION PROCESS By T. ALEX BLUM, FOUNDING PARTNER, BLUM CONSULTING PARTNERS / LOS ANGELES In many ways, today’s multi-platform world of advertising content delivery may feel like a free- for-all, but out of all the confusion, there are only two identifiable universal demands of this new norm that are driving the production issues which brands and agencies wrestle with daily. The first is the need to produce a large volume of content at scale for a wide range of media - and the second is the ability to deliver content at different levels of quality and price points for designated uses or media types. to define a diverse mix of deliverables and put in place efficient production processes that align with their needs. THE CHALLENGE One of the ways we support companies as they execute their creative vision is to suggest meth- odologies for producing these different kinds of assets and wrangling a range of processes into effective day-to-day production execution. These two categories of deliverables each pres- ent very different challenges, yet it’s tempting to imagine that one universal solution meets the demands of their execution. This is partly because “content production” is often used as an umbrella definition covering production of every kind of asset - from “how-to” videos to national t