Broadcast Beat Magazine 2017 IBC Show - Page 44

are nearly ready for our broadcast applications, and the EBU, the DPP and the NABA are working with SMPTE to define the final IMF application to support the global broadcast requirements. IMF currently defines the core, what constitutes an IMF file and how to construct one, what metadata must be included and the labeling conventions for the audio and subtitles. Since the EBU already has a standardized Television distribution specifica- tion, there is a likelihood that a different codec will be required for the OPL construction of the Broadcast IMF application files, and the working groups defining these characteristics are care- ful to constrain the codecs to specific operating parameters in order to keep the files complaint and interoperable. The industry still needs broadcast leadership in order to make this dream of interoperable files come true. Input from real broadcast engineers and managers is needed to complete the speci- fication and questions still persist; for example, there is an understanding that we do need addi- tional, broadcast specific metadata for the televi- sion version description. And for real efficiencies, the IMF files should address the broadcast plant’s automation systems as a key component of a suc- cessful solution. By providing the automation sys- tems and back office tools such as traffic software with key metadata, the IMF files could streamline current operations and again save labor and time. Jay Batista, General Manager of Tedial, North American operations, has 35+ years technical and managerial experience in the broadcast industry. Jay has held executive positions managing stra- tegic growth, sales and marketing, mergers and acquisitions, and product innovation. 44 • Broadcast Beat Magazine •