Broadcast Beat Magazine 2017 IBC Show - Page 36

CLOUD VS. TRADITIONAL PLAYOUT DESIGNING PROPERLY FOR REDUNDANCY By IAN COCKETT, CTO / CO-FOUNDER, PEBBLE BEACH SYSTEMS Designing for redundancy in cloud-based, virtualized play- out environments, in some ways is no different from building systems the old way - you need to search out and eliminate the single points of failure. In the cloud, you, or your provider, just have to look at a larger picture. The best on-premises broad- cast system design in the world can easily fail if the building power or cooling hasn’t been designed properly. I’ve seen public broadcasters go off- air, simply because something failed outside of the broad- cast engineers’ remit. So, while you can argue that traditional redundancy and disaste "&V6bЦW'E"77FV2ǒv2f 2R6ff&BN( 2FW&W7BЦrFFRFB6VBFF6VЧFW'2&RFW&RFv''&W@V6bFBf"R#BrखbRvvF&vR( V&Ɩ>( Ц6VB&fFW"R&RVffV7BWG6W&6rFRFW6vbFPFF6VFW"F&v旦Fv( 2FrFw2BV6&vW"66RFvBGЦ6'&F67FW"vVB"6V@WfW"FFR&WBVFW'0'VBVFR66ǒ6WЦ&FVBFF6VFW'2V6FPFWV6Wr&Vv6^( fRvB7FBWfV`&VGVF7'VB֖2'B`FR6&R6W'f6RbR66P&R( 6( FF6VFW"F@6VB6ǒ&R6RF&63b( "'&F67B&VBvR( "wwr'&F67F&VB6ЧW"6W'fW'2WR֖vBW7@&RG&6fW'&rFR&&VЧ6WvW&RV6RFR&Vǒ&p6VB&fFW'2&VGfPFR66RF&R&RF&FRW@7B&&VWN( 2f6PB7B'&F67FW'2vV@FFǒ6WBFvBvfb bFWBf&RFV"WVVB&BFW&R&PfW'fWr6W2vfPG'VRvVw&2&VGVF7गN( 2VFW'7FF&R66Rf FRf7B&Gbג6&VW"VRfR&VǒǒWfW f7W6VBWVVB&VGVЦF7( ĆW&^( 2W"E"6FR( ЧFW6FRFW"BN( 0FRFW"6FRbFR6'&F g&FRWVVB&FVRF6RFB6R