Broadcast Beat Magazine 2017 IBC Show - Page 30

By BYPASSING MAGNETIC INTERFERENCE: THE WORLD’S FIRST ‘MOCAP ANYWHERE’ SOLUTION By REMO SIKKEMA Tracking systems are frequently used to record and resource movement down to the most minute detail – whether for film, TV, video games or even sport. However, there have always been limita- tions on motion capture set ups, largely due to uncontrollable environmental factors. Mocap developers are now actively testing the world’s first truly ‘mocap anywhere’ solution. The research and development team at Xsens claim they have managed to overcome the effects of magnetic distortion on inertial motion capture data. This groundbreaking development would enable motion capture in any environment, with clean, production quality, reliable data – and all without the need for a volume or sensor cameras. So what is Magnetic distortion? Inertial mocap solutions are powered by sensor fusion technol- ogy, using input from gyroscopes, accelerometers and magnetometers. As such, Xsens’ own MVN suits are completely mobile, enabling motion 30 • Broadcast Beat Magazine • capture without the need for cameras, stages, or sticky balls. Showcased at E3 2017, the new MVN suit can track movement just about anywhere – even throughout extreme sports like skydiving or mountain biking. Albeit cheaper and easier than a stationary mocap stage, the problem with portable motion capture is its susceptibility to magnetic distortion – a previously uncontrollable environmental fac- tor. The presence of metal can corrupt captured data, necessitating a whole lot of clean-up. Resolving magnetic interference will have huge ripples across motion capture studios and tech- nology providers worldwide. Mobile mocap has a huge range of applications in the sporting, auto- motive, ergonomics and entertainment spheres. Xsens’ mocap solution is currently in closed beta, with a release planned for November 2017. In other words, the technology is right now