Broadcast Beat Magazine 2017 IBC Show - Page 25

utilized on numerous VR films and commercials, including an upcoming Ridley Scott- produced Alien project directed by Director, David Karlak. Scott Metzger, Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder at Nurulize, comments: “When it comes to repli- cating reality in VR, and creating something that’s filled with detail, Atom View is the answer. It takes things above and beyond what VR content creators are currently limited to in terms of polycount and frame rate, in half the time. It’s the Photoshop or Final Cut Pro for virtual reality.” NU DESIGN: COLLABORATIVE PRE- PRODUCT SӈS]HY]\[YۛX[ B[ۙHXHX\\ B\Y]HH[XY[ [\ٙ[Hܘ\X[B\\[ ͌[Y\\[YXY[H۝\\]HœX[ ][YH۝[[\œ\\X\[YH[[\œ\]Z\H][\H[وKBZ^][ۋ[YH]HY]\\[Y] ܋[\ܝ [\\H]H܈^ܝ ]HY]]]][\BXY]ܛX][Y[“[\Y[]K]BY]ܚ][X[[[BXH]ۈY[H\Yۈ8$\YH]BY]8$\H\X[\Z^XKYYܛHXK[X][ B\H\\[Xܘ]][BܙX]K\\[X\\ [\ۛY[ˈHX[[Hܛو\X[XB[ۈ[[ۙHXK\XܜX[ۈXY[X\[\YH]\B]H[]][BH]\XKBX[ۈ[K]\X[^KB[ۋ\X][œX[]H[[ܙX][œY][]8&\[Y]]Z[ ]HY][H\Yۂ\H[]H]H[Y\BX[[X\H\[Y܈]\\YX\]YY[YX[]KB\]XH\[ۜ\H[˜\[H[][Y[ ]HY]\[XYHY[Y\X]XY^[H8(˘Y\X] H8(