Broadcast Beat Magazine 2017 IBC Show - Page 24

EMERGENCE OF DISRUPTIVE VR CONTENT CREATION TOOLS Award-winning virtual real- ity software developer Nurulize has unveiled two revolution- ary tools, first demonstrated at SIGGRAPH 2017, that promise a new standard for VR. Atom View & Nu Design New VR solutions enable super-fast cinematic quality display and collaborative environment edit- ing within the virtual environ- ment. Atom View is a new VR engine capable of generating environ- ments in stunning quality up to 150 times faster than traditional game engines. Meanwhile, Nu 24 • Broadcast Beat Magazine • Design is a collaborative virtual production toolset for build- ing, viewing and manipulating scenes in VR. ATOM VIEW: VR DISPLAY ENGINE Atom View is a groundbreak- ing VR display engine designed to make virtual reality content creation faster, easier, and more realistic than ever before. Using Atom View, filmmakers and 3D artists can convert captured real-world scans into cinematic- quality VR scenes and objects faster than than ever before.