Broadcast Beat Magazine 2017 IBC Show - Page 21

other network is available. Not only that, but satellite is still relied upon as a backup for other connection types, acting as a failsafe to ensure no loss of coverage during an important broadcast. In the case of breaking news of course, often other connections may be either down altogether or clogged up with people com- municating themselves. Being able to bypass that traffic with an antenna on an OB truck is invaluable in those situations. As technology is getting bet- ter, the equipment is also easier than ever to handle, meaning broadcasters can simply turn up, let an auto-pointing antenna do its work and begin broad- casting. However, as those of us working to resolve satellite interference know, that can at times cause a myriad of prob- lems, both for the broadcaster themselves, and other satellite users. THE IMPACT OF INTERFERENCE lite industry is so insistent on their taking part. Human error has long been touted as a sig- nificant cause of interference, and we also know that many broadcast professionals are not trained satellite engineers. Of course, with pressure to get feeds from anywhere and every- where, whilst keeping resources down, it would be very hard to be trained in all aspects and as with many industries, broad- casters are facing the pros and cons of multiskilling in order to keep costs low. Nonetheless, human error is a particular problem within Satellite News Gathering (SNG) and OB trucks, often resulting in misaligned terminals during setup and eventual interfer- ence. Increasing use of VSATs is a worrying trend which will only exacerbate the situation, and again should encourage broad- casters to do their bit. THE GOOD NEWS Satellite interference only affects a minority of services and is therefore often ignored by broadcasters, especially if they have not experienced the effects. However, in a world where user experience is key and competition is rife, can you really afford any break in trans- mission and impact on that user experience? And that is exact- ly what is at stake here when interference takes hold. Whenever we talk about satel- lite interference, something I of course have to spend a lot of my time doing, it can seem very doom and gloom. However, there has been a great deal of traction over the past few years and the good news is that advancements in technology, from the ground to the satellite, are beginning to show promise in terms of prevention and, in most cases, solving interference as it happens. Yet it is the broadcasters them- selves who are often the cause of interference, unintentionally of course, and that’s one of the primary reasons the satel- Many of IRG’s members have products on the market capable of entirely automating the set- up of equipment, even via a mobile app. Other solutions can monitor networks for any errors and alert broadcast profession- als to problems before they become larger, and more dis- ruptive. This doesn’t just benefit the satellite industry, it benefits other broadcasters suffering from the interference caused by their peers. Indeed, satellite operators are now armed with so many tools that when interference occurs, they can very often mitigate the effects for the broadcast- er almost immediately, though sometimes they are reduced to moving that user to a different satellite, causing themselves a problem with unusable space. The operators ‘…Ω”…±ΝΌΑ½ΥΙ•)„Ι•…Ё‘•…°½˜•™™½ΙЁ₯ΉΡΌΙ•ΝΌ΄)±ΥΡ₯½Έ…ΉΡ‘”Ή•ά‰Ι••½˜)Ν…Ρ•±±₯ѕ́…Ι”‰•Ρѕȁ•ΕΥ₯ΑΑ•ΡΌ)΅…­”„‰₯œ‘₯™™•Ι•Ή”Έ)Q! I= MQKŠeLI=1)]₯Ρ ΝΌ΅Υ ₯ΉΉ½Ω…Ρ₯½Έ‘…ΐ΄)Α•Ή₯Ήœ…ΉΡ‘”Ν…Ρ•±±₯Ρ”½Α•Ι„΄)Ρ½Ί‰•…Ι₯ΉœΡ‘”‰ΙչЁ½˜Ι•‘ΥŒ΄)₯Ήœ₯ΉΡ•Ι™•Ι•Ή”™½Θ₯Ρ́ΥΝΡ½΄΄)•ΙΜ°₯Ё₯́Ή½ΠΝΥΙΑΙ₯Ν₯ΉœΡ‘…Π)‰Ι½…‘…ΝΡ•Ίё•΅Ν•±Ω•Μ…Ι”°)™½ΘΡ‘”΅½ΝЁΑ…ΙΠ°Ή½Π₯΅Α±”΄)΅•ΉΡ₯ΉœΡ‘•₯ȁ½έΈΡ•‘Ή₯ΕΥ•Μ)…ΉΡ½½±Μ™½ΘΙ•‘Ս₯Ήœ₯ΉΡ•Θ΄)™•Ι•Ή”Έ!½έ•Ω•Θ°…‘½ΑΡ₯Ήœ)…Ω…₯±…‰±”Ρ•‘Ή½±½δ…Ή„Ν•Π)½˜ΑΙ½•Ν͕́…ΉΡ•‘Ή₯ΕΥ•Μ)ΡΌ‘•…°έ₯Ρ ₯ΉΡ•Ι™•Ι•Ή”έ₯±°)Ι•…ѱ䁑•±ΐΙ•‘Ս”₯Ё½Θ•Ω•Έ)ΝΡ½ΐ₯Ё‘…ΑΑ•Ή₯Ήœ₯ΈΡ‘”™₯ΙΝΠ)Α±…”Έ) …ΙΙ₯•Θ%Ι•΅…₯ΉΜ½Ή”½˜Ρ‘”)΅½ΝЁ•™™•Ρ₯Ω”έ…έѼΝ½±Ω”)₯ΉΡ•Ι™•Ι•Ή”ΕΥ₯­±δ°‰δ•΅‰•΄)‘₯Ήœ…Έ%₯ΉΡΌΡ‘”…ΙΙ₯•Θ°΅…¬΄)₯Ήœ₯Ё•…ΝδΡΌ₯‘•ΉΡ₯™δΡ‘”₯ΉΡ•Θ΄)™•Ι₯Ήœ…ΙΙ₯•ΘΈ™•άε•…Ί…Ό)έ”ΝՍ•ΝΝ™Υ±±δ±½‰‰₯•΅…ΉΤ΄) Ι½…‘…ΝЁ •…Ё5……ι₯Ή”ƒŠˆέέάΉ‰Ι½…‘…ΝΡ‰•…ΠΉ½΄ƒŠˆ€ΘΔ