Broadcast Beat Magazine 2017 IBC Show - Page 18

The technology powering geo-blocking and geo-tar- geting initiatives must simi- larly be tightly integrated. As an example, StreamGuys employs a full-stack approach that closely knits server-side and player-side targeting decisions and ad insertion services to work seamlessly together end-to- end. In this case, geo-blocking is integrated at the server level, as savvy users can eas- ily bypass client-side block- ing solutions. Geo-targeting is an option for all of our live and on-demand streaming services – including pod- casting – and is heavily lev- eraged in our ad insertion solutions. For commercial radio broadcasters, listener location can affect in-market versus out-of-market ratings and performance. Some ratings organizations allow broadcasters to count both online and over-the-air audiences towards their station’s rating, but only in the local market. Geo-targeting enables them to separate in-market listenership from out-of-market, counting the former towards the simulcast rating while monetizing the latter with different advertis- ing and ratings. While advances in location accuracy, real-time analytics and ad-insertion decision-making have made geo-targeting increas- ingly powerful, broadcasters need a strategy that incorporates the entire production and delivery chain to maximize its effectiveness. Producers decide relevant geographic policies, which need to be implemented between the servers and end-user applications. The decision engine must be integrated between the end-user and the content. The ad sales team is also integral in developing ad creative that maximizes the value and relevance of local and national ad spots. Additionally, a Load Balancing service integrates geo-targeting, allowing broadcasters to easily lever- age location functionality. Furthermore, our SGpasskey and RevenueStream DRM and subscription-based offerings support geo-loca- tion policies. Finally, our SGalerts monitoring and alerting solution can check content availability from various regions, verifying the integrity and operation of geo-location functional- ity and policies. All of these services ideally represent a robust geo-blocking and geo-targeting architecture for broadcasters. 18 • Broadcast Beat Magazine • Kiriki Delany is the Founder and President of StreamGuys. He start- ed StreamGuys in 2000, pioneering affordable streaming audio for the world. He enjoys serving content cre- ators and the broadcast community, who StreamGuys have co-evolved with during the information age.