Broadcast Beat Magazine 2017 IBC Show - Page 16

NAVIGATING THE LOCATION-BASED CONTENT DELIVERY AND STREAMING LANDSCAPE UNIFIED STORAGE By Kiriki Delany, President, StreamGuys Content is increasingly being targeted to end-users based on their location. Is your audi- ence currently at home, or travelling in a car? Are they local, or outside of the country? Geography-based user demo- graphics play an important role in streaming media, enabling the provider to make decisions and deliver content based on the individual’s location. Rich media such as news, weather and public service alerts can all greatly benefit from geographic targeting. Broadcasters delivering local news reports need to target the content based on audience location. A traffic report is only relevant to a listener when it’s about the region they are in. Traditional over-the-air broad- casts don’t need to worry about delivering irrelevant reporting to users globally, but internet broadcasters do. How do you keep your content relevant to the global marketplace? It’s very important for content 16 • Broadcast Beat Magazine • providers to know their audi- ence. Analytics, in the form of real-time tracking, log-based reporting and user registra- tion, can provide key infor- mation about the location of users. Understanding where significant audiences are locat- ed allows content providers to create, optimize and deliver higher-value content. The inter- net allows broadcasters to offer content globally, and geograph- ic data allows them to serve local markets – not just one local market, but every local