Broadcast Beat Magazine 2017 BroadcastAsia Special Edition - Page 54

UNIFIED STORAGE SIMPLIFIES USE OF POWERFUL VR 360° VIDEO STORYTELLING TOOLS By Tom McDonald, Quantum Virtual reality (VR) 360° video is creating new film, televi- sion and gaming experiences that enable audiences to con- trol where their attention is focused. This is arguably the most significant change in the audience viewing experience since the advent of film. Changing a 100-year-old para BYH\]]XX[[[\ˈ[\[H[\\H\X[YX  B\\ˈ]Hۙ[][\][[[\[ B[و [ XK[H\H܈H[[ZX\\\HH\XB \X[ۋH[ B[\و[Y\H][Yœ[[ݘ[[[ܘ[ZX[XYBX[\[][ۈ\]Z\HX[HقH[YH[ˈH[H[HY]ZY\ܝۛHYKHX[\X›X[X[HYY\ X\[H]]\]Z\[Hو]\X]\H ͌0\H]›YY][KX[ۈY]›ٝ[\H[Z]Y \\›ٝ[\H[Y\ۈܙX]B\[[\X[[BY [Y\\[ܙKB]HHHو ؛\[ܙX]H[XY\]\B[H]YY[K[XY\™H][\H[Y\\]\B]Y]\[H\B[ܘ[ZX[XYH8$H\]Z]KB[و ܈\][ۂ[XYK܈۝[\][M8(Y\X]XY^[H8(˘Y\X] BY\[H[X[ق[ ͌0Y[