Broadcast Beat Magazine 2017 BroadcastAsia Special Edition - Page 51

capture cameras, I was helping camera assistant in still photogra- them to set up for a lot of demos. phy. Motion capture is about mix- I became really good at setting up ing computer science, animation motion capture stages in ad hoc and cameras together, so I was able situations, but this expertise also to follow all my passions in one go. meant travelling a lot. I moved on in favour of a little independence and I found myself doing motion What do you see for the future of motion capture? capture work in places like Fiji, Italy, New Zealand, and of course Los We see the demand constantly Angeles. There came a time that I growing. It’s reached a level that really wanted to plant some roots. we don’t call it motion capture any- I opened Animatrik to help me to more, we call it performance cap- settle down in Vancouver and serve ture, because we’re trying to record the growing industry here. the essence of an actor. The future is about iterating over the smallest What was Animatrik’s very first project? And which challenged you the most? bodily details, so we can collect The first project was District 9, There will be emerging technol- but Warcraft was definitely the ogies that commoditize this and most challenging! It was the largest make it cheaper, but there are also scale virtual production effort ever emerging technologies all about undertaken, and I think will remain resolution and fidelity to photore- to be until production starts on alism. more and more data that stays true to what the actor does. Avatar 2. It’s really challenging for your project to have a good three or four year run at the top of this field, especially when technology is And what advice would you give to individuals trying to supply motion capture? With studios in Vancouver, British Columbia and Los Angeles, California Animatrik Film Design can serve your motion capture and virtual production needs in North Americas two largest film cen- tres. advancing so quickly. Performance capture is a small, What excites you motion capture? about niche industry. Find a company to target. Some might have internship programmes, but like any other I had a passion for cameras grow- production-based job, you have to ing up, and even had a job as a find any way in! When Vancouver or Los Angeles aren’t an option, our mobile team can come to you. Broadcast Beat Magazine • • 51