Broadcast Beat Magazine 2017 BroadcastAsia Special Edition - Page 47

Send those clients to your competition. Was there a specific feature of Frankie that you immediately responded to? As an executive, what do you think is the best way to give constructive criticism to your fellow artists? I can’t think of just one so here’s my elevator pitch to a I used to think that the praise sandwich approach was Frankie newbie…. best. You know, compliment-criticize-compliment. I actually preferred getting this type of criticism when I ME: I’m going to invite you and your team to use this was younger, rather than a laundry list of changes that cool remote video-review tool called Frankie. It’s amaz- left me feeling demoralized and unmotivated. But it ing. I’ll be able to walk you through multiple clips from eventually started to feel disingenuous. I could smell the project, in real-time. We’ll all be in sync and focused a praise sandwich from a mile away: “Craig, you are a on the exact same frame of every piece of footage. very talented artist. This thing you did right here really sucks, you idiot. My, what a snappy dresser you are.” I CLIENT: I wish. Our IT department has us handcuffed. suppose it has the desired effect of softening a blow, It takes two weeks to get new software installed on our but the problem is that some people only hear the computers. Even my mobile is locked-down. praise – then the criticism gets buried or lost entirely. ME: Aha! Frankie is a browser app! Just click the link Artists are a bit like children, the young, inexperienced and you’re done. ones need to be handled delicately, with plenty of praise peppered throughout the criticism. Those with CLIENT: Wha…??! more experience and talent tend to have greater self- confidence and take criticism less personally, which ME: Yeah. Anyone can take control of the session at allows me to be more direct. In other words, treat your anytime and scrub through the video. We’ll all still stay sensitive creatives just as you would your own children, in sync. At the end of the session all of our notes, mark- individually and with lots of love. ups, and annotations get compiled into a nifty, multi- paged PDF with time-coded thumbnails. It’s automati- cally emailed to everyone from the session. Oh, Frankie How accessible do you find working via browser? works on mobile devices too. I love web apps — they’re universal, so I don’t need CLIENT: Craig, you’re a genius! You have our undying multiple installations or licenses across all my devices. devotion and an endless supply of highly paid work. They auto-update and my data sits in the cloud, making collaboration or remote access a breeze. -END- Broadcast Beat Magazine • • 47