Broadcast Beat Magazine 2017 BroadcastAsia Special Edition - Page 45

next to me had no idea what was going on. How cool is that? How important is remote collaboration to your pipeline? deadline? Do you have any methods to help stay on track? I’ve found the best strategy is avoidance. I think it’s wise to turn down a job that has a ‘challenging’ dead- line and avoid the risk of damaging your reputation by We work with dozens of off-site freelancers and clients under-delivering. If you’re presented with an attractive from all over the world, so remote collaboration is as project that has a healthy budget, but a tight deadline, essential to our workflow as email. Or coffee. hire more people – don’t be greedy. Know your limita- tions and avoid getting pigeonholed as the studio (or How do you meet the challenges of a tight person) that takes on projects with no time or money. Broadcast Beat Magazine • • 45