Broadcast Beat Magazine 2017 BroadcastAsia Special Edition - Page 44

THE JUGGERNAUT Q&A: A FAR CRY FROM VFX SUCCESS With clients like Ubisoft, Walmart, Disney and Coca-Cola, The Jugger- naut enjoys global reach as a highly reputable VFX studio. Based in Toronto, the team create compelling graph- place to work and learn. ics for advertising, film, broadcast, gaming, interactive events and more. We sat down for a chat with Creative As well as getting to see live tapings of Kids in the Hall, Director Craig Small to find out just what makes Frankie one of the benefits of working for a unionized broad- indispensable to this roster of award-winning artists. caster was being guaranteed an interview for every job position I applied for. I eventually went freelance, pro- Please tell us a little about yourself and your background. ducing motion graphics and visual effects for feature films and TV. I ended up directing numerous commer- cials, music videos and identities for A-list agencies and I began my career by lying my way into a position at production studios. For over a decade, I also worked the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) in 1991. for several top design and post houses around Toronto, It was a bilingual position – I barely had grade 9 French. before co-founding The Juggernaut in 2002. That seems appropriate given that the work I did for the next 25 years was predominantly in advertising. I had aspirations of being an animator, a visual effects What has been the most exciting and unique Frankie project of your career? artist, and a filmmaker but I didn’t have the patience for school. Instead, I took advantage of the resources Video game giant Ubisoft hired us to produce the at the CBC and learned on the job. opening cinematic for their FarCry game franchise. We had team members and clients scattered all over the I’d hang out with these cranky old graphic designers world – Toronto, Montreal, New York, Belgium – so I that had been lurking around since the 1950s—they use ɅѼٕ役幌ɽѡѽ)ݕɔѕɅ䁉ͥ͡ѼɽȁɐхɥЁѡɽ՝Ѽи)Ʌ܁MɅ́ݽɭхѥ́ѡЁɕ)ѡȁɉٕ́͡Յ䰁ЁѡЁݽɬ܁ݕ́Ѽѡɽа$ѡ͔a]=_d)$ѕչɽչչѥ́ѕ͕܁̸$݅́ͥѥɽݑ̰ݡ$)Ѽ͔ѡ$ձЁ䁡́LEՅѕɕٕЁєɕՕЁȁݽɬɽɕ)AщఁAɅ5Ȱ́Ḭ ɽ̰ɕ٥ܸ$ѕѡɕ䁱ѽѼ䁍)1щ̰٥̃LեЁѡЁԁձeЁЁ݅ٔɽȁɕЁѥ齹̰)ȁ́Ё͍ݡɔ%Ё݅́ɕЁѡɽ՝ɕєɅ͕ͥQͽͥѥ(Ѓ ɽЁ Ё5饹ܹɽщй