Broadcast Beat Magazine 2017 BroadcastAsia Special Edition - Page 41

Imagine if every- thing around you could be captured.” Xsens have introduced on-body jacking, the subject can work deep recording pack sensors that can in the woods without the need for a store motion data directly to on- nearby power source. MVN Studios body hardware, eliminating the 4.4 makes mocap more accessible need for computers, cameras and than ever.” Whether working with an optical other heavy-duty equipment near- by. Take advantage of this. Select an appropriate location rather than or magnetic system, interference Don’t make editing harder for yourself. turning to postproduction edits to fill in the gap. Take extra time to keep data as clean as possible. is always possible and precautions should always be taken. For optical systems, this mean rigorous cali- Define a clear system for naming bration of both the space and the your motion capture assets, which actor. For magnetic systems, the Hein Beute, Director of Product will inevitably save time sifting freer the space of magnetic noise, Marketing at Xsens, explains: “For through hours of recorded kinetic the better the result. instance, you could capture a graphs. You want something that Motocross rider’s movement from embeds key data: names should While many steps of the process the start of a race to the end; or if include an indication of the scene, can be automated, checking for you’re performing ergonomics on character, action, and a take num- noise movements or swaps first a hands-on profession like lumber- ber. hand will catch many glitches early Broadcast Beat Magazine • • 41