Broadcast Beat Magazine 2017 BroadcastAsia Special Edition - Page 37

works and what doesn’t. Analyzing your impact enables better decisions about your live video strategy moving forward. Many social platforms provide soft metrics like views, shares, and comments. These are good as early indicators of your video’s effectiveness. However, these metrics don’t reveal who engaged with your live video. Dive deeper to understand your audience and reveal important insights. Platforms like AmpLive let you place a cookie on each viewer and track the exact moment some- one engaged with the live broadcast. Then, nudge that person further along in their buyer’s journey in other campaigns and channels. 5. Conversions or Goal Success Getting from a live video broadcast to ROI is a process: engage, distribute, convert, and close. Be sure your audience engag- es with the livestream. Then, publish the stream via a distribution network across the web. Each stream will be wrapped in an ad unit with a cookie that tracks view time, engagement, conversions, etc. Then, track click-through rate, conversions, and other metrics to inform how you follow up. For example, a viewer who spends 30 sec- onds with your content may only be ready for a soft follow-up offer (e.g. a newsletter subscription). Someone who views your live stream for 30 minutes may be ready to sign up for a free trial. They might want to reg- ister for an upcoming event or engage with a piece of content. Think of live videos in the same way you do for your other market- ing programs. Your goal should be to drive more qualified leads to feed into your nur- ture campaigns. Then, you can track each viewer through to a conversion to guarantee livestreaming success. While live video is raw and unedited, it requires a strategy for it to be effective. Each step drives the success of the other. Reaching the right audiences and showing a positive ROI is the ultimate goal. But under- standing how to manage the workflow is key to live content creation. Broadcast Beat Magazine • • 37