Broadcast Beat Magazine 2017 BroadcastAsia Special Edition - Page 36

your audience. Other formats that work well for live streams are exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to events and Q&A sessions between hosts and guests. Live streaming also works well to bring the magic of an industry event or keynote back to the viewer at home, such as Marketing Nation Summit. Bottom line is, if you make your audience feel special, they’ll reward you with their attention. Once you have a story ready to go, start planning your live stream. To get started, a mobile phone camera or a laptop webcam is perfect. You may want to invest in a tripod to stabilize your footage. 2. Content Promotion Creating content is just one piece of the puzzle. The challenge then becomes making sure it gets found by your target audience. That’s the only road to livestreaming suc- cess. Many social platforms now have free options for broadcasting your live stream to the world. That’s great, but you should focus on broadcasting to all the channels where your audience consumes content. This might require using more than one tripod so you can broadcast to separate platforms like Facebook Live and YouTube Live at the same time. An easy way to make sure you cover all ave- nues is to consider both organic and paid distribution: Organic Promotion: Getting viewers to tune in organically is all about your promotion. Leverage the exist- ing audience channels in your arsenal. This could include social media, email, and your website. Sharing live content like pre-event promo- tion, notifications, and even a registration page similar to that of a webinar. Before the live stream, promote it across all your channels. Post on your social channels, send an email a day before the live stream, and post a ‘Going live in 15 minutes!’ update on Twitter. Once the event is live, keep spread- ing the word. Post a “Live Now” reminder on the social channels where you’re live. 36 • Broadca Ё Ё5饹ܹɽщй)Mɗ ѥѥɕم ՉM)̸Q͔Ց́ɔqܵ)եлtQeɔѕɕѕͥȁѽ̰ͼ)ɗ ԁɔѡȁѕѥ)A Aɽѥ)Ёͽг ׊eɕѡ)ѕѥɝ٥ݕ͡9ܰ)ӊéѥѼȁՑѡ)䁉ѥ٥ͥݥѠɽѥ)ѡɽ՝ ٔ٥љɷ 1ٔ)ٔ́ͼݡ䁹ЁՅɅ)ѕٕɕՍ)Qɽѥȁٗ ٥́)ѡȁЁɔȁٕ)ȁ ɕѥٕ䁹ݽɬɔ)ѡ䁍 хɝЁ Ցɕ)ѥݡȁɽЁ́ٔ䁹ѥ)ȁ͕٥ѕЁѼݡٔ)ɕ͡ݸѕɕЁѡѽͼ)ɔѡ䁍ɽ٥ԁݥѠمՅ)ɥ́ͥ́ȁ٥ݕ̸Q)ɕ ٕɕՍ́ͼԁ)܁ѥՔѡٕͅѥ)ݥѠȁ٥ݕ́ѕȁѡٕЁٕ́ȸ(̸) ́݅Ѽɔѡ)ٕɕՍ ȁɽи)5ɔ ٔ٥љɴ́)ɕ́ѡЁɅ Ցѥѥ)Ё٥ݕ́ѼͬՕѥ̰͡ɔ)ѡȁ̰ݕЁɅ)ѥ́ɥѡٔɽиAɥ͍e)Ёչѥ́ɕЁ ٥ݕ́ѿ ͬ)Օѥ́ɕѥ)eЁɗ ѥٕ́ȁՑѥ)ѥݥѠɥ́ɕɥ̸I)͕ȵɅѕд)ɴ ٔ݅ɥ ѡȁٔɕ)ٕ䁑䁙ȁݕѼɅєɕ(Qݥэݕ̸=͔ )eЁѼٔȁՑѥٕ)ѼՍ)ЁɕȁѡЁ)Ё́ݼ݅ɕаԁ)ՑѥѥѼєѡ)ɍ(иф ѥ)ф͕́ѥȁԁɥٔ)ٕɕՍ́䁙ɥЁݡ